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Sarah created Soxxy’s collection of performance-fashion socks after breaking her leg in a ski accident. Frustrated by the hideous compression options, Sarah took matters in her own hands and designed a stylish, unisex line that increases circulation, reduces swelling and decreases the risk of DVT.

Sarah leverages her aviation, sports and medical relationships to drive Soxxy sales across multiple channels. By the age of 24, she launched Hi-Impact Communications, a PR & marketing agency responsible for creating impactful campaigns on behalf of:  Levi Strauss & Co., Virgin Atlantic, Virgin America, Air Asia, Air New Zealand, SKYY Vodka, Ian Schrager Hotels and Panasonic Avionics.

Sarah has served on boards & committees at Soho House and The Wings Club. Her philanthropic work includes supporting: Michael Stabile Scholarship Foundation, Bob Woodruff Foundation, Kristen Ann Carr Fund, High Fives, Every Mother Counts, Jesse Lewis Choose Love and WhyHunger.

Sarah Stabile wearing Nighthawk compression sox inflight


Sarah created Soxxy compression sox after suffering a serious knee injury. Her Orthopedic Surgeon encouraged her to wear them for months post-surgery, especially when flying. The statistics startled her: Globally, an estimated 10 million cases of VTE (venous thrombosisembolism) occur annually. 600,000 people in Europe and the US, die from VTE annually.

She loved the way the compression  made her feel, but hated the way they looked. She searched for different colors (other than white, nude or flourescent), but came up empty handed. This sparked her idea to blend fashion with function. Soxxy’s stylish compression sock line offers a variety of colors and styles for men and women. Airline passengers, athletes, medical patients, pregnant women, health & wellness professionals alike, love the look and feel of Soxxys.

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