Recovery Compression Socks – A Must-Have For All Athletes


As the cooler weather approaches so does the start of fall sports. From cross country courses to the gridiron, athletes everywhere are gearing up for fall competition. After all of that summer training, athletes may be looking for a way to maintain healthy legs and prevent injuries. In order to maximize training and recovery time, athletes should grab a pair of Soxxy compression socks. Athletes, can reap the benefits of recovery and injury prevention with Soxxy compression sox. They are a must-have for footballers, soccer and field hockey players, cross-country harriers and marathoners alike!

With the transition from pre-season to the regular season, many athletes may be feeling the aches and pains of summer miles or two-a-day practices. Wearing Soxxy compression sox helps to increase the oxygen-rich blood flow to the legs and body allowing muscles to recover more quickly after a tough workout. Pulling on a pair of Energy sox after practice or a game will help athletes to feel rested and recovered.

In addition to recovery benefits, compression socks help to reduce the symptoms of injuries like shin splints. Because compression socks help increase blood flow to injured areas, athletes suffering from shin pain are more likely to find relief from pain when wearing a pair of Soxxy’s such as Orions. An added bonus — the use of compression socks helps reduce swelling and inflammation in the shins and ankles. Because compression helps increase blood flow back to the heart, the blood is unable to pool near superficial veins and injuries. It’s this pooling of blood that causes painful swelling.

Sometimes it’s too late for recovery and athletes have no choice but to hit the turf or track feeling sore and injured. Wearing compression socks during competition can help to alleviate much of the pain felt from shin splints or sore muscles. Throwing on a pair of Nighthawks prior to competition will help athletes maintain endurance and perform at their very best.  Soxxy compression socks will increase healthy blood flow to those injuries and provide game-time relief. 

Improve your fall performance by grabbing a pair of Soxxy Compression Sox. We promise your feet, shins, and teammates will thank you for it!