Happy New Year from Soxxy!

There’s something undeniably thrilling about the start of the New Year. We pop champagne, throw extravagant parties, and don our most glamorous party dresses at midnight just to usher in the New Year with style. It’s all about fresh beginnings, exciting trends, and of course, new resolutions! So, as we’re starting to get into the groove of 2012, and bid the memories of last year a fond farewell, we welcome the fabulous surprises to come and pledge with determination to keep our resolutions! To keep on track, we’re looking to some of our favorite celebs and stars of recent movie “New Year’s Eve” for inspiration. As fashionista and film star Sarah Jessica Parker joked, “I tend not to make them, and if I do, I keep them secret so I can’t get properly busted”. We love you and your style SJP, but for 2012 we’re hoping to be a little more ambitious!  As Sarah Jessica Parker showcases, trendy socks are a must-have in the New Year, so slip on your Soxxys and go make those resolutions come true! We’re going to rock 2012 by trying new things, overcoming old challenges, and enjoying moments of appreciation just like these “New Year’s Eve”



Jessica Biel: “I’d like to learn another language. But I say that every year — I’ve said that for about 12 years now!”

Abigail Breslin: “I had so much fun in 2011, so I hope [2012] is just as fun. And, hopefully, I want to learn the keyboard this year!”

Michelle Pfieffer: “Slow down, so that I can enjoy the blessings that I have.”

Lea Michele: “Continue to be healthy and work hard… but also to spend time with my family, it’s important!”

So let’s raise our glasses, and kick this New Year into gear (wearing Soxxys, of course)! And now, with Soxxy B3 Grip technology, you can be fashionable and fearless, knowing your socks won’t budge or slip down. X’s and O’s made of a gentle grippy material line the insides of each pair of Soxxys, ensuring they will stay where you want them all day!

What’s your 2012 New Years resolution? Share with us on facebook how you plan on rocking your socks in the New Year and be automatically entered to win a free pair of Soxxys! (http://www.facebook.com/SoxxySocks) With a brand new pair of Soxxys to show off, we know that’ll be a resolution you will keep! XOXOX


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