How to Warm Up and Recover in the Winter

How to Warm Up and Recover in the Winter

Travis Ganong in Soxxy's GOAL

Baby, it’s cold outside! Just because the temperature is dropping doesn’t mean the outdoor fun needs to stop. Get the most out of your winter sports season, and stay injury-free, by keeping muscles warm and loose and properly recovering from your workout.

Warm Up

First things first – always warm up! Seems like a no-brainer, your muscles need to get active prior to going out into the elements. Unlike the static warm-up stretches we all did in gym class, today’s exercise physiologists recommend dynamic, or more active movements to get those muscles loosened up. Check out this handy five-minute warm-up routine will get you ready to hit the slopes or the streets!


Invest in a great pair of compression socks. Adding compression socks to your winter workout wardrobe will help keep those muscles warm once you’ve started your exercise. Compression socks can also increase blood flowing to those hard working muscles. Our Energy sox will keep you moving even when the temperature is frozen!

“When I wear Soxxy compression socks, I find that my legs feel refreshed and ready to go for competition,” says Travis Ganong, American World Cup alpine ski racer.


Danielle in Soxxy LeggingsStretch and Yoga

Grab your Soxxy leggings and get your downward dog on! Stretching and/or doing a quick yoga series before exercise becomes even more important during the cold winter months. When your body is cold, your muscles contract to conserve heat, making them tighter and more vulnerable to injury.

Layer and Recover

Layers! Thigh high wool socks are a dreamy way to heat up nearly all of the muscles in your legs before, during and after your outdoor fun. Get cozy with these merino wool socks by layering them under a pair of snow pants, jeans, or over a pair of leggings. Ready to recover? These Pippa thigh highs paired with a big cozy sweater, a roaring fire and a cup of hot chocolate make the perfect apres ski outfit.

Eat Right

Recovery starts with a warm bowl of soup! Exhausted from your day on the slopes? Runner’s World has five hearty and healthy soup recipes that can be made in 30 minutes or less! Not hungry? For the past few years experts have been touting the benefits of chocolate milk as a post-workout recovery drink! Make yours seasonal by heating it up. Yum! Soxxy_ColdWeather_Blog


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