Soxpert: Lexey

Soxxy rings in 2014 with Soxpert of the month, “Alexandra.”

This Capricorn embodies the Soxxy spirit with her stylish rocker vibe + affinity for prints and color.

We followed “Lexey” around New York’s Greenwich Village where she showed us how to rock animal print leggings with pinot and silver striped “Jana” ankle sox, while sipping artisan coffee at Stumptown.

On our walk to Washington Square Park, she stops against a black + white brick wall showing off the contrast of her chic Soxxy leggings.

We wandered over to the new Marlton Hotel (Bowery Hotel, The Jane, The Park, Ludlow…) where Lexey modeled the “Lily” ankle Soxxys with black cocktail dress in a velvet banquette. She ran up to her room for a quick wardrobe change before dinner where she entered the outdoor themed dining room wearing “Pippa” heather grey wool thigh-highs with Rag & Bone shorts and low-cut Carven blouse.

Check out more behind the scenes Soxpert photos on Instagram @soxxysocks.

Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year!