Soxxy Does the Easter Hop

The Sock Hop may have been a ay have been a fad of the 1950’s but we brought it back to put a skip in your step this Easter. Sock-Hoppers were some of the pioneers of utilitarian fashion socks by showing off their sock style and keeping it comfortable, while they got crazy on the dance floor! We think they were on to something! So, what’s more perfect for a holiday and season about rebirth, fresh starts, and new ideas than giving fashionable and functional socks a 2012 face-lift with Soxxy. However you celebrated Easter and ushered in the start of spring, Soxxy is a must-have addition to your wardrobe. We wouldn’t be surprised if you found yourself itching to do the Sock Hop in the beautiful April weather…we promise, these socks will make you want to hop around and celebrate all that spring is about.

Soxxy Fans in East Village, NYC had fun hopping around in their Soxxys this Easter while doing a Scavenger Egg Hunt. What was in their Easter Basket? Some Soxxys and all the eggs they hunted down, of course. We’re sure their Soxxys gave them an edge over the hundreds of other Egg-Hunters out there.Do the Sock Hop with Soxxy! XOXO


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