Soxxy Featured in APEX (Airline Passenger Experience) Magazine

Stylish Travel Compression Sox

Air travel passengers reference “economy-class syndrome,” the discomfort and swelling that can occur in the legs during a flight; however, few are educated on what causes these symptoms and how to prevent them. In fact, what passengers are referring to is a condition known as venous reflux disease, which can itself cause deep vein thrombosis (DVT), the formation of a blood clot within a deep vein in the legs. Every year, 2 million people are diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis and up to 200,000 deaths result from DVT.

Soxxy, a brand of stylish compression socks is partnering with airlines to educate passengers on leg health inflight. Soxxy’s CHIL video will be available on IFE systems across multiple airlines. The word CHIL is an acronym reminding passengers what to do Inflight to reduce swelling and the risk of DVT.

C= compression sox, wear them
H= hydration, drink water
I = isometric exercises, do ankle rotations and toe touches
L = leg elevation

“The CHIL video is an educational campaign offering 4 simple tips for improving leg health in-flight and on the ground,” says Sarah Stabile, CEO & Founder.  Soxxy compression sox are currently sold onboard Air Canada with the video debuting this Fall. American Airlines is slated to sell Soxxy onboard long haul flights.

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