SOXXY Flies High on Etihad Airways

Sarah Stabile wearing Soxxy compression sox inflgiht
Soxxy Nighthawk Travel Compression Sox sold on Etihad

Soxxy Nighthawk Travel Compression Sox sold on Etihad

Stylish Travel Socks Support Wellness at 30,000 feet with Increased Circulation, Decreased Swelling and Muscle Soreness and Reduced Risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis

Etihad Airways is selling Soxxy’s popular Nighthawk style compression socks on all flights offering Duty Free. Soxxys are available in BOUTIQUE, Etihad’s Onboard Shopping Guide for $35USD/AED129. These unisex travel compression socks are designed for men and women to increase circulation, decrease swelling and muscle soreness while reducing the risk of blood clots (DVT).

“We are delighted to partner with Etihad,” said Soxxy Founder, Sarah Stabile. “They are a leader in innovation and passenger experience with flying nannies, chefs, butlers and The Residence. Investing in wellness for passengers and crew makes sense because the more comfortable everyone is in-flight, the better they feel when they reach their final destination.”

Soxxys provide ultimate stretch, recovery and breathability. They are made from the highest quality yarns (85% Ultra micro nylon, 15% Lycra spandex). Soxxy’s Nighthawk style is a navy blue knee-high (15 – 20 mmHg) with red toe and heel boxes and a white airplane near the top band. The “Nighthawk” name is reminiscent of both the nocturnal bird and the single engine stealth aircraft by Lockheed-Martin.


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