Soxxy Founder Embarks on Global Sock Hop

In a few days, I will embark on a global adventure traveling to 9 cities in 5 different countries over the course of ~3 weeks. This is a trip of firsts, which makes packing very challenging!

From New York, I fly to Beijing (via YVR) for the IATA AGM. I’ve never been to Beijing and look forward to visiting the Great Wall of China and Tiananmen Square. After China, I head to Seoul, Korea where Soxxy’s non-slip women’s fashion socks are manufactured. This is my first trip to the factory – I can’t wait to meet the workers who helped manifest Soxxy into a tangible product.

I will fly across to Tokyo to trendspot sock culture in the famed Harajuku and Shibuya shopping districts + visit Senso-ji, Tokyo’s oldest Buddhist temple.

The final leg brings me to my favorite country – New Zealand. In Christchurch, I’ll watch Dan Carter and All Blacks team play Ireland in a championship rugby match, travel to Wellington to meet with Icebreakers regarding their awesome merino wool products and hang with friends from Middle Earth. haha;-)

I’ll be recruiting Soxperts, posting pictures, videos and insights on Soxxy’s Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter accounts. Tune in, share comments, your own travel pix and any tips you have for Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo. Xoxo, Sarah

Balancing on one-foot in 3" heels is good practice for a global sock hop


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