Soxxy Founder, Sarah Stabile, Shares Her Top Travel Tips


“I’ve racked up a lot of miles. While traveling the globe, I designed a line of stylish travel compression sox to help decrease swelling, reduce the risk of DVT and alleviate muscle soreness.” – Sarah Stabile, Founder of Soxxy

Meet Soxxy’s Founder, Sarah Stabile:

When did you begin traveling?

I caught the travel bug in my teens. It began with a bike trip down the Coast from Seattle to San Francisco. I fell head over heels in love with the Pacific Northwest and Northern California. In fact, I loved it so much I went to college in Oregon and lived in SF for 8 years, where I began my PR career.  In my first job at a boutique agency, I met Richard Branson.  I was heavily influenced by his willingness to do crazy stunts in order to generate media coverage on behalf of his businesses. I booked him on the Tonight Show after his attempt to circumnavigate the globe via hot air balloon. I was reunited with the Virgins in 2007, during the launch of Virgin America. But, it was my work with Virgin Atlantic, Air Asia, Panasonic Avionics and Air New Zealand that brought me to far flung places. 

As a travel professional, you’ve had the good fortune to travel the world. How many countries have you visited in your career/ lifetime?

21 countries to date.  I’ve been to: Japan, China, Korea, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, UK, France, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Brussels, US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Belize, Guatemala, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

Sarah’s Top Travel Tips:

What are your carry-on essentials when flying?

I always wear Soxxy compression sox and I make sure I have my Soxxy Amenity kit (with eye shade and ear plugs).  I don’t get on a plane without my Bose Noise Canceling headphones.  I also bring a journal, a pen, a small bottle of Evian hydrating mist, Sugar tinted lip balm, Ren rose oil, BB Cream and eye cream. I love my blue cashmere Trina Turk scarf because it’s very soft and can be used as a pillow or blanket. I make sure my iPhone and iPad are charged and loaded with my favorite books, TV shows and music. I usually stock up on fashion and business magazines at the airport – everything goes in my black Tumi rolling carry-on bag.

What’s your favorite outfit to wear when flying? How do you ensure you look fresh and professional right off the plane?

I love to travel in my Soxxy “Chelsea” leggings – the graphic black and white print is flattering, and they are comfortable and versatile. I can wear them with a black blazer or a grey Soxxy hoodie. I always wear my Nighthawk or Herringbone Soxxy compression sox and black Rag & Bone booties that zip up the back, making them easy to get on and off in security lines.Soxxy-sox

Do you have any tips to ease jetlag?

Yes, when you fly, C.H.I.L. Soxxy partnered with leading Vascular Expert, Dr. Marsel Huribal, to create healthy tips for ultimate leg health inflight and on the ground. CHIL is an acronym for:

C = compression sox, wear them
H = hydration, drink water
I = isometric exercises, do toe touches and ankle rotations
L = leg elevation, get up and walk every 1 – 2 hours

I also recommend showering as soon as you arrive at your destination. This helps add hydration back into your system through your pores. Be sure to set your watch to the local time zone and head outside to explore (even if you’re tired).

Your line of Soxxy compression sox are designed to reduce muscle soreness and swelling travelers experience when flying. What inspired you to create Soxxy?

I was inspired after breaking my knee in a painful ski accident.  As a former ski racer, I love speed. Except when my binding doesn’t release. I fractured my left knee (tibial plateau), which required bone grafting, a metal plate and five screws. At the time, I was representing Virgin Atlantic, Panasonic Avionics and AirAsia. I was flying long-hauls monthly. My Doctor recommended wearing compression socks when I flew, but the options were hideous and didn’t match with anything. This inspired me to create colorful, stylish compression socks, blending the functionality with fashion.

Are there any new Soxxy products hitting the market this year?

Yes, we have a handful of new products launching in fall 2015 – just in time for holiday shopping! We will be introducing brand new Amenity kits. We also have new styles of our compression sox including: HerringboneGiants, and Energy along with leggings and hoodies. 

Do you have any recommendations for people who are afraid to fly?

Virgin Atlantic created a great Fear of Flying program/app that is very successful. Watch something engaging to distract yourself. My client, Panasonic Avionics supplies most global airlines with Inflight Entertainment systems and connectivity. Check for new films or TV shows that will help take your mind off the fear. Meditation is another great release.

So, Where Is Sarah Off To Next?

What’s your next big trip?

We’re launching Soxxy compression sox in new markets and onboard new airlines, so I will be traveling to Canada, Columbia and Dubai. Every year in the spring, I attend Aircraft Interiors in Hamburg, Germany. I love traveling there – it’s a beautiful city. I also attend the IATA AGM conference. In years past, the AGM has been held in Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Cape Town, Doha, Miami and next year, it will be in Dublin – one of my favorite cities!

Check out Sarah’s full line of Soxxy compression products here.