Soxxy Interviews Soxpert and American Alpine Ski Racer, Travis Ganong

We recently sat down with Travis Ganong, American World Cup alpine ski racer, to learn more about how he stays fit during the off-season and his love of Soxxy Sox. Travis (@travisganong) competed for the U.S. at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

What are some of your favorite activities to maintain your fitness in the off-season?

To be competitive at the highest level of Alpine Ski Racing, you have to dedicate your entire offseason to training and training hard. From the end of April until the first race in November, we are in the gym almost every morning, and then spending the afternoons on a bike, hiking, paddle boarding, running, etc. I choose to live and train in the off-season in beautiful Lake Tahoe because I have so many options for my afternoon cardio session right out my backdoor! It’s also nice to be in Tahoe to spend some recovery time at the beach. 

Do you work out with a trainer? What’s your daily fitness regimen?

I work with a US Ski Team trainer who is based out of Park City, Utah, where the US Ski Team training center is located. When I was younger, I actually lived in Park City so I could train with the trainers every day, but now that I have a lot of experience and know what I need to do, I work here in Tahoe doing the program that my trainer designed for me. We do a lot of circuit training in the gym for strength, endurance, and core. And like I said early, I get to spend my afternoons on the beautiful trails, or water of Lake Tahoe!

Do you eat a special diet? Are there certain foods you stay away from while training? What’s your guilty pleasure?

As a downhiller, I pretty much eat what I want. I do feel better and can train harder when I eat healthy nutritious foods! The most important thing for me is to remember to eat enough. On those big training days we burn so many calories so we need to refuel correctly so that we can recover and do it again the next day. My guilty pleasure would have to be cinnamon rolls from Wildflower Bakery in Squaw!

What do you do for recovery after a hard core day of training or racing?

I defiantly hop on a bike and spin out the lactic acid. Also, I have a morning and nighttime stretching/yoga routine that I have put together throughout my career. And when I wear Soxxy compression socks, I find that I show up more refreshed and ready to go when I travel from competition to competition. Soxxys are especially great for flying. My favorite pair are the Giants. When you sit on a plane all day your feet swell up like crazy. When I try to cram those swollen feet in my race ski boots, there are big problems. Soxxy compression socks help alleviate that. Travis-Ganong-soxxy-compression-sox

You travel a lot – what are your top 5 travel essentials?

I’d have to say earplugs, eye mask, compression sox, laptop, and a great hoody that I can out on and pull the hood over my face to sleep better on night flights. Also, melatonin so I can time travel and wake up at my destination!

What’s your next big trip? Where are you going?

I just got back from a sweet ski touring/sailing exploration trip to Svalbard, an island north of Norway! Other than that, just home in Tahoe for the summer to train and get strong. My next ski trip is to the South Island of New Zealand on August 1st. 

Does the US Ski Team train in New Zealand or South America in the summer months?

Yes. We do the bulk of our snow training and equipment testing for the season in the Southern Hemisphere during the summer. I’ve been going down to New Zealand and Chile for the last 13 years! This year, we get to go to both countries and ski at multiple ski areas in each! I can’t wait.