Soxxy Interviews Soxpert and Olympic Pro Snowboarder, Lindsey Jacobellis

We recently sat down with Lindsey Jacobellis, Olympic Pro Snowboarder, to learn more about how she stays fit during the off-season and, of course, her love of Soxxy Sox. Lindsey (@lindsjacobellis) is an American snowboarder from New England. At the 2006 Winter Olympics, she won the silver medal in Women’s Snowboard Cross’s Olympics debut. She is also a thirteen-time snowboard cross champion and one very fit chick!

What are some of your favorite activities to maintain your fitness in the off-season?

I train daily with my trainer of five years, Rob Wessels, at Fortis Gym in Southern California. In the summer, we do a lot of conditioning and aerobics. I also run 3 – 5 miles several times a week. In the fall/winter, I do a lot of lifting and strength training. I also enjoy surfing and skateboarding.

We noticed on your Instagram feed that you were recently in Park City, Utah at the USSA. What were you doing there?

I was in Park City last week for team camp with the US Snowboard cross team. We usually go to Mt. Hood for training on the glacier, but the West Coast didn’t get much snow this year so we decided to work on team building and conditioning in Park City. Sports Illustrated came to do a follow-up story on Sochi. You can watch or read it here

Do you follow a special diet? What’s your guilty pleasure?

I eat a ton of protein. I live in SoCal where there’s an abundance of fresh veggies, fruits and organic meats. A typical meal would be a chicken dish with cheese and vegetables. If I don’t eat enough protein and carbs for dinner the night before a competition or major training session, I’ll fall flat the next day. I drink Usana protein shakes, they’re a USSA sponsor. The chocolate is my favorite flavor. I also like Kind Bars for an extra boost.

What do you do for recovery after a hard core day of training or racing?

I wear Soxxy compression socks to help my muscles recover faster and prevent swelling. If I’m near the water, I’ll soak my legs in the ocean. The cold water shocks my muscles back into form and I recover faster.  I will also eat chicken, steak or fish after working out. The protein helps repair my muscles. One of my favorite dishes to make at home is a chicken and cheese quesadilla with vegetables.  When I’m in Connecticut, my Mom makes delicious homemade Italian dishes for me. 

You travel a lot, what are your top 5 travel essentials?

I do travel a lot and never get on a flight without my Soxxy compression sox and leggings. I bring my Bose head phones to listen to my music on my phone or watch Netflix on my iPad (Tutors and Grey’s Anatony are my favorites now).  I also travel with my Jammypack which is a fanny pack with built in speakers. When we travel overseas, we can’t always plug our speakers into the outlets so having portable speakers as our source for tunes is key.

What’s your next big trip? Where are you going?

My next big trip is to Ireland in July 2015. I’m going on vacation for my 30th birthday. I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland and Fleetwood Mac is playing while we’re there. I’m bringing my Mom with me and we’re so excited to see Fleetwood Mac in Dublin!

*** Wow, you’re 30th birthday! That makes you a Leo … congrats and happy birthday to you. Enjoy Ireland!

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