Soxxy Interviews Soxpert and SUPist, Darian Boyle

Soxxy Interviews Soxpert and SUPist Darian Boyle

We recently sat down with Darian Boyle, world champion athlete, television host and sports reporter, to learn more about the Endless SUP Race, her SUP journey and, of course, her love of Soxxy Sox. Darian (@darianboyle) is a host of the Endless SUP Race 2015, which takes place in Asbury Park, NJ on June 13th and 14th. Soxxy is a proud sponsor of this event. All proceeds from the weekend are donated to the Asbury Park Recreation Department.

Darian, when did you start SUP’ing? Where were you?

I was first introduced to stand up paddling (SUP) eight years ago through my friend, David Chokachi. We were surfing at Little Dume in Malibu, and he was on a stand up paddleboard. It looked really fun, and he caught a ton of waves. Then, he let me try his board and I loved it. Here’s the best part of the story – when I got back to the beach, he told me I was holding the paddle backwards, lol!

How did you get involved with Endless SUP?

Bill Medler and I lifeguarded, together, on ocean rescue for years. Over the past few years, Bill has done an incredible job putting on the Endless SUP Race. This spring, Bill and I joined forces to host the Endless SUP Race with a goal to make our event one of the premiere races in the Northeast. endless-sup-race-2.png

What’s your favorite part of the weekend?

I love everything about the event. There is non-stop action all weekend and our event caters to everyone that is interested in SUP. From SUP clinics and demos, to one of my favorite events: the kids race! I love it because all my nieces and nephews come and race all of their friends. The smiles are endless!

Is it a good event for beginners or do you need to be advanced?

SUP does not discriminate; it’s a sport for all that are willing to give it a try. Any skill level, body shape and size are welcome. If there is a body of water, you can get creative and go paddle!

What do you typically wear when you SUP?

My typical outfit for paddling depends on the weather. So, aside from the dead of New Jersey winters when I wear a 5 mm wet suit with 7 mm booties, I train in my Soxxy leggings, a bikini top, my Soxxy trucker hat and am always rocking tunes.  Any day on the water is a good day!!

Is footwear essential? Shoes/sox?

Soxxy sox are key to put on before and after paddling. My Soxxy sox increase circulation and speed-up muscle recovery, so I can train harder and recover faster. And I love the festive colors. Footwear is very essential depending on where you paddle. Our foundation hosts the Sea Paddle NYC, a 26-mile paddle around NYC for Charity. It’s a long haul so your body gets abused battling currents, tides, and ferries so I always wear my crocs. They are bright and always clash with my bathing suit, but it gives me the support when I need it most. soxxy-sox-darian-boyle

What is your favorite Soxxy style? Compression sox and leggings?

I love the Herringbone Socks.  They are super retro and I am partial to the name, although my name is spelled DariAn. I can’t live without Soxxy leggings, as I wear them everyday to training. They are comfortable, fashionable and funky. The waist band is the best because it fits your hips just right with raised logos on the inside of the band to keep your pants up. Nothing is worst then paddling and having to pull your pants up! With my Soxxy leggings, I never have to worry about that and when I’m finished working out, I throw on some flip-flops with a cute shirt and I’m ready to go out on the town. The Carleen leggings are my favorite print. 

You had a baby in the winter. Congrats, she’s adorable. Has that changed your ability to SUP competitively?

Thank you so much. Darian Mary, aka DD, is a the most special gift I have ever received and I am so blessed to have her in my life. Paddling to me is more then racing, it’s a way of life. Having a baby is the next chapter in life. Racing will always be there on some level, whether I’m competing or hosting events. The only difference now in regards to racing, is that I have to budget my time more carefully, making time to train. When my mom is home and will babysit, I race out. The fun part after having a baby, is that DD will travel the globe with us, exploring waterways and surf breaks all over the world. The only difference is that we have to bring more gear and a babysitter!

If you could bring anyone (in the world) out SUPing, who would you invite? Why?

I would bring Bruce Springsteen paddling with me. What an incredible experience to paddle with the Boss – I mean we are both from NJ, lol. I have been a Bruce fan for years. After breaking my neck in a skiing accident and defeating death, my sister and some friends took me to a Bruce Concert, the 9/11 Tribute. I was fresh out of the hospital, with a halo on my head, and it was the best concert I have ever been too. Bruce played for hours, non-stop and he brought tears to so many fans eyes. For a few hours, people just got lost in his lyrics and sound. Bruce is truly a special man – LET’S GO SUPING BRUCE!!!

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