Soxxy Leap Fest 2012!

Happy Leap Day from Soxxy!

About every four years, we get an extra day at the end of February to “leap over” on our way to March. Historically, Leap Day may have been blatantly ignored, but this Leap Year, make a statement on day 366 with Soxxy. Soxxy’s non-slip B3 grip technology gives you the security to make the most of your extra Leap Day 2012. However you choose to make your leap, do it in style with socks that won’t slip up or fall down no matter what you’re doing. Soxxy spent Leap Day with some NYC dancers who wore their Soxxys as they leapt into the Leap Year, literally. Soxxy’s secure B3 Grip helps them stay on pointe and give them a leg up all day, from the streets to the dance studio.

To celebrate Leap Day, Soxxy is giving away FREE SOCKS as part of our Leap Year initiative to spread XOXO! “Soxxy Leap Fest 2012″ is happening today around NYU Campus, where our Soxperts will be handing out free Soxxy non-slip socks. At 2:29 PM one lucky sock recipient will also receive a $229 gift toward Soxxy. Come take a leap, Soxxy style, on Leap Day by being a part of Soxxy Leap Fest.



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