Soxxy Partners with Arianna Huffington and the #SleepRevolution


Soxxy is thrilled to partner with Arianna Huffington and the Huffington Post to help raise awareness about the importance of sleep. In her new book, The Sleep Revolution, Arianna discusses how our fast-paced, always-connected, on-the-go lifestyles are having negative impacts on our sleep and ultimately hurting our health.sleeprevolution2-arianna

After watching Arianna Huffington’s TED talk, Sarah sent Arianna a pair of her compression sox.

“As an entrepreneur who constantly struggles to balance family, two businesses and health, I identified whole-heartedly with Arianna’s story. Cutting back on sleep only led me to sloppy errors, injuries and lack-luster performance. Soxxy is thrilled to support the Sleep Revolution movement by providing a gift that helps everyone recharge and recover from head to toe.”


#SleepRevolution College Tour

sleep-revolution-soxxy-sponsor-#sleeprevolutionThe #SleepRevolution College Tour is taking place April 8th through May 13th. At over 50 campuses across America, the HuffPost is partnering with major brands to start a cultural conversation around sleep’s importance. According to the HuffPost and a 2014 report by the American Psychological Association, millennials are the most stressed generation, with almost a third lying awake at night due to stress.

College Tour event sponsors have donated thousands of products to help students create better sleep habits. As a partner, Soxxy donated our cute and comfy ankle sox: Jennifer, Mary, Carol and Chloe, to the college campus tour. Socks are a great sleep aid. Everyone knows how difficult it is to fall asleep with cold feet.HuffingtonPost-SoxxyAnkle- SS 30-#sleeprevolution

A few other top sponsors include HeadspaceJawboneJetBlueKIND BarKusmiLands’ EndMarpacMarriottMetroNapsSHEEXSomniSoulCycleSpotify, and Victoria’s Secret.

For a full list of college campuses hosting the #SleepRevolution tour, click here.

#SleepRevolution and Soxxy Come To JetBlue Airlines

Soxxy joins forces again with Arianna Huffington and JetBlue on April 19th. The JetBlue Sleep Revolution is taking place at JFK’s Terminal 5, with a reading and book signing by Arianna followed by a special flight to Las Vegas. All in-flight passengers will receive Soxxy amenity kits complete with compression sox, mask and earplugs along with a copy of The Sleep Revolution.

The benefits of compression sox inflight provide increased circulation, decreased swelling and muscle soreness, as well as reduced risk of DVT.


From April 1st to May 30th, you will save 30% on your purchase on! Use coupon code SleepSox at checkout.


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