Soxxy’s 2016 Dads & Grads Gift Guide

Soxxy's 2016 Dads & Grads Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again, time to start thinking about Dads and recent Grads. Soxxy has taken the stress out of finding the perfect present for these important people in your life. Whether you’re honoring the amazing Dad in your life or celebrating a milestone like graduation, these popular gift ideas are sure to please.

Soxxy's 2016 Dads & Grads Gift Guide


Top Soxxy Picks for Grads:

For the Straight A Student

Celebrate that 4.0 with Kittyhawk compression sox! Sitting for prolonged periods of time studying can increase risk of developing DVT and varicose veins. By wearing compression sox, this recent grad won’t have to worry about their leg health and can focus on straight A’s!

For the On-the-Go Grad

Life after graduation is fast paced – your socks should keep up! Whitney ankle sox feature a row of grippy X’s and O’s that keep your socks up all day. In a fun peach, black and yellow zebra print and pop of pink, these make a great gift for the on-the-go grad.

For the Study Abroad Grad

Know a grad coming back from studying overseas or heading to Europe for the summer? Treat them to a Soxxy amenity kit! The earplugs and eyeshades will make for a quiet flights, while Nighthawk compression sox will keep their legs comfortable in-flight while reducing their risk of DVT! Whether you’re welcoming them home or sending them off on an adventure of a lifetime, they are sure to appreciate this gift.

For the Student Athlete

Is she always going from school to sports practice? Chelsea leggings are fashionable for class and comfy enough to throw on after a workout. The XO waistband won’t stretch out after a long day and will always keeps her pants in place.


Top Soxxy Picks for Dads:

For the Athletic Dad

Research has shown that wearing compression socks after working out can help speed up recovery while reducing swelling and muscle soreness. For the dad that loves to keep active, GOAL compression sox will maximize performance and keep his legs feeling good.

For the Business Traveler

With a white airplane on both sides, Nighthawk compression sox make the perfect gift for the traveling dad. These compression sox will increase their circulation while in-flight and help decrease swelling, muscle soreness and reduce his risk of DVT.

For the CEO Dad

For the guy who needs to look his best, Herringbone compression sox are the perfect mix of fashion and function. With a woven pattern of black and gray chevron and a graduated compression of 20-30 mmHg, these sox will attack ‘cankles’ and muscle soreness with a vengeance. Plus they look so good, no one will notice he’s wearing compression socks!

For the 10K Steps/Day Dad

Does Dad spend most of his working hours on his feet? While standing is healthier than sitting, it’s still important to protect his legs. Energy compression sox will help him power through the day comfortably, energize his legs and decrease swelling.


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