Valentines Day Soxxy Style


Soxxy Valentines Day Video

Soxxy launches its first viral video celebrating Valentine’s Day. The clothes come off, but the non-slip socks stay in place throughout this steamy :60 second spot.

It’s the evening of Tuesday, February 14th, the nationally proclaimed most romantic night of the year. Love is in air at this West Village Manhattan apartment. Boyfriend and girlfriend settle on the couch for a glass of bubbly and strawberries. Flirting, kissing…one thing leads to another and the two undress. . As boyfriend makes the move to remove his girl’s Soxxys he is stopped in his tracks by the socks unwavering grip—they won’t let you down! A quick examination of the inside top rim of her Soxxy grey thigh-highs reveals their grippy silicone X’s and O’s. Eyes meet, the girlfriend grins, and with a shrug from her boyfriend, they carry on with socks securely in place. It’s Valentines Day—Soxxy style.

Be fearless and flirty knowing that Soxxys XOXO B3 Grip will hold you all day (and night) long. Soxxys are the unsung hero of our love story.

Soxxy can’t promise you chocolates and roses, but they can promise you X’s and O’s, literally.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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