Soxpert: Michelle Rhalves


Michelle Rahlves has heard it all, so when it comes to talk of injury prevention and rehab, she knows what works.

As an athlete, Rahlves traveled the world on the Snowboard Circuit and rehabbed each of the nine surgeries on her knee with her innovative Bar Effect workouts.

“Having a full knee replacement at such a young age makes compression very important with everything I do as an athlete, trainer and traveler,” adds Rahlves.

Rahlves has seen first hand the benefit compression wear can bring in rehab and recovery with others as she also worked in physical therapy for seven years and as an Emergency Medical Technician, she worked for the U.S. Ski Team on the World Cup Circuit. She is currently certified with the ISSA, the International Sports Science Association. Partnering up with The High Fives Foundation in 2011 has given her experience in working with injured athletes of all levels.