Soxpert: Christo Johnson

Christo Johnson’s passion is one of the most dangerous in-air sports.
That would be paragliding.

Johnson recently returned from three months of rigorous paragliding in Nepal.
Paragliding is free-flying in afoot-launched glider aircraft with no protective or rigid primary structure. Pilots like Johnson sit in a harness suspended below a fabric wing comprising a large number of interconnected baffled cells.

It’s Johnson’s passion, but it’s also hard work and Soxxy socks come into play.

“I use them for work and travel,” stated Johnson.
Johnson also uses Soxxy for river running and mountain biking and likes the unique designs Soxxy offers.

Always thinking, Johnson said that if he could design hs own pair of Soxxy socks, they would have a paraglider and clouds.

‘The would be called, “Thermal Cycle,” he added.
Johnson is currently fundraising to support friends who lost loved ones in April’s 7.8 earthquake.