Soxpert: Daneille Brown


Danielle Brown might be the most “goal oriented’ of the Soxperts.

Every day I work towards my goals: to live in recognition of all that which deserves an upturn in thumb. (ThumbSUP yoga),” explains Brown. “Things like honesty, love and self expression. I don’t go out on the longest limb every day, but I am proud of my dedication and perseverance.”

Brown is a registered yoga teacher and ASI Certified SUP instructor that knows the value of training, but also recovery. Her interests include: Elements Yoga & Wellness and Downunder Kayaking.
“Soxxy compression sox keeps my legs cushioned and muscles warm as I ease into a seat to feel the sunrise. The benefit of increased circulation to go along with the reduced swelling and muscle soreness can’t be measured.”
While Brown says Soxxy sox have helped her achieve her goals, she points out that they look good, too.

“The Brooklyn reminds me of river rocks or treasures on the ocean floor, and  Orion makes me (want) to keep exploring, and I love the colors.

While Brown is a busy mother of two and enjoys the wonder of the world though their eyes, she says she depends on gear like Soxxy sox on airplanes, during eight hour car rides or while doing yoga on a paddle board.
Whatever Brown is up to, Soxxy definitely gives her the support she needs!