Soxpert: Matt McLaughlin


No other Soxpert spends as much time “up in the air” as Delta Airlines Captain, Matt McLaughlin, so Soxxy holds added importance. 

“Captain Matt McLaughlin is Soxxy’s first pilot Soxpert,” stated Soxxy CEO, Sarah Stabile. “Pilots and flight crew should wear compression sox for increased circulation, reduced swelling and decreased risk of blood clots.  Deep Vein Thrombosis is nicknamed “economy class syndrome” because passengers are cramped in small spaces for long periods of time without much activity.  This is a recipe for disaster and the reason behind Soxxy’s CHIL DVT Awareness campaign for airlines.”

Matt McLaughlin holds the following FAA Certificates: Airline Transport Pilot, Flight Engineer and First Class Medical, and he flies B757 and B767 aircraft on transcontinental routes for Delta Airlines.

A native of Bedford, NH, Capt. McLaughlin holds ratings for:  A320, B747-4, B757, B767 and DC-9 aircraft.