Soxpert: Travis Ganong


You know Travis Ganong as an American World Cup alpine ski racer. He competed for the U.S. at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, placing 5th in the men’s downhill with a time of 2:06.64, which was 0.41 behind the winning time. Ganong won his first World Cup race on December 28, 2014, a victory in downhill in Santa Caterina, Italy.

You might not think a veteran world class skiier like Ganong would apprecite a new pair of Soxxy socks, but here is his response after receiving his latest pair of Soxxy socks.

“Just in time for all my spring time adventures! Flying to Canada tomorrow for some heliskiing and then to St. Lucia for some beach and sun!! My feet will be happy with me throughout now with these. Being a ski racer, our ski boots are way to small and it’s always a pain to cram our feet into them after they are swollen from flying. When I was younger I went to so many different malls looking for compression socks for flying! Now I’m all set with these!”